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Your family deserves to not only have the best quality food, but to have it on your own terms. Stetson Ranches boxed beef is delivered to your doorstep every month which puts you in total control of your family’s food supply and nutrition.

Why get stuck with the random selection offered at your local mega-mart when you can have access to prime beef whenever you’d like. You can have the highest quality meat delivered at boxed beef prices you can afford, and make sense for your household.

Here’s what the best monthly meat box can do for you.

Start Shopping on Your Own Terms

Boxed beef changes how you shop by saving you time and letting you work directly with the highest quality ranchers.
It can be hard to tell where a big box store gets its meat from. When you order meat directly from our ranch, you know exactly what you are getting. If you purchase ground burger from a big box store, there can be up to 500 different animals mixed into that one pound of product! These animals may have come from all over the world. Our boxed beef mails out only the highest quality beef available today. When you order boxed beef from Stetson Ranches, you can not only save money by finally cutting out the middle man, but you also know exactly what you are buying and where it comes from.

By cutting out many of the major players in the food distribution market, this not only lowers boxed beef prices, but opens up a whole new way of approaching your grocery shopping.
When you don’t have to worry about long lines at the store, you can start enjoying your time off work. Why bother with the long commute to the store, the unreliable stock, and the mile high prices when you can have the best beef in the land sent directly to you.

Having beef delivered right to your door gives you your free time back.

Get the Best Quality Beef For Your Family

Our monthly membership boxed beef is packed with pounds of some of the highest quality beef in the country. At Stetson Ranches, each member of our family works diligently to care for and ensure that you are receiving the best beef possible.
Your family deserves to be eating like kings and with our mail order boxed beef you can have the best quality meat at prices you can afford.

This isn’t just your everyday meat, it’s guaranteed prime.

At Stetson Ranches, we breed Black Angus Cows with Hereford Bulls to create cattle known as F1 Black Baldies. This produces the finest possible beef at costs every family can afford.

We know that today’s standards for cattle are higher than ever. We’ve embraced these changing times by treating our cattle right. We provide our cattle with access to fresh spring water in the summertime as well as pasture-fed mountain grass hay that we raise ourselves. Out of our entire herd, we hand select only the finest to deliver to your table.

Interested in seeing what options we offer?

Check out our boxed beef packages and our monthly memberships

Generations of ranching experience has gone into our boxed beef program. Everything from our hand raised hay to decades of cattle ranching expertise goes into the product that reaches your doorstep.

Having high-quality beef is about knowing the ranchers behind your meals. When you buy Stetson Beef, you can rest assured that you are supporting hard-working cattle families that have been putting meals on tables for generations.

Feed Your Whole Family For a Fraction of the Cost

With all of that quality, how can we keep our boxed beef prices so low?

It all comes down to being able to sell directly to you, the consumer.

We take our business seriously. For us, it’s about quality more than profits. We believe that every family should be able to have access to the USDA prime steaks typically reserved for high-end restaurants. Here’s how we make it happen.

It all starts with how we distribute our boxed beef. By dry-aging our meat with small-scale, local production companies we can work with a more nuanced delivery system than we otherwise could. While larger operations focus on speed, we focus on quality while maintaining a lower cost.

We also sell our beef directly to you. You’d be surprised by how much cost is added to prime beef by grocery stores. Their markup represents a significant part of your final grocery store bill. It’s time to cut out the middleman.

Explore Your Culinary Side

Boxed beef is the key that opens up your culinary potential.

Are you ready to become the home chef or grill master you’ve always wanted to be?

When you buy your beef from us, you know exactly what you are getting. We can supply you directly with safe, healthy beef that tastes great.

Our dry-aging process tenderizes the meat while locking in a juicy flavor. We dry age our beef for a minimum of 14 days and our beef is processed by only one local butcher, every time. You’ll be able to enhance your favorite recipes as well as try out new cooking techniques that require the highest standard beef.

Take the Next Step

We’re ready to show you how fresh beef can taste when it hasn’t been sitting on a supermarket shelf. Click here to learn more about our monthly memberships today.

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