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S. R. Quarter Beef Package

  • 130 lbs of Prime Grade Beef
  • Fills 50% of a small chest freezer
  • Ideal for families of 4 or more

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The Quarter Beef includes a few more types of cuts than The Sampler Package, like flank steak or brisket and stew meat and short ribs. It’s a great value that gives you all the beef standards like steaks, roasts and our great burger but also gives you some of the best kept secret cuts like flank steaks, brisket and short ribs. While the hanging weight is different for each animal, over the last number of years the hanging weights have been in the 180-225-pound range.

  • Recommended for families with 1-2 adults and a kid or two
  • Will take up half of a small chest freezer or 25% of small upright freezer
  • Each cut is individually wrapped, except steaks which generally come 2 per pack
  • Includes New York steaks, Rib Steaks, Tenderloin/Filets, Sirloin Steaks, a variety of 2-3 lb. roasts, arm, top, bottom and/or chuck, flank steak and/or brisket, beef shanks, stew meat, short ribs and 1 lb. packages of Stetson Ranches ground beef.
  • 25% Steaks
  • 35% Roasts and misc. cuts like stew meat and short ribs
  • 40% Ground Beef
  • Free shipping for the Continental USA

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