Jalapeno & Cheese Snack Sticks

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Jalapeno & Cheese Snack Sticks


The perfect blend of spice that won’t leave you in agony but will let you know that jalapeno is in there! Perfect for those that enjoy spicing up their taste buds without overwhelming them.

  • Snack Sticks are available in half case (12 pack) or full case (24 pack) sizes
  • Includes free shipping

All of our snack sticks and jerky products are made with 100% Stetson Beef, with no preservatives. Our beef is finished to at least USDA prime and then processed at a USDA inspected facility less than an hour from our family ranch, where each cut is smoked to perfection! We are confident that once you try them you will not want to share! Most companies that produce whole muscle jerky and/or snack sticks save this process for the less desirable cuts of beef left over after the primal cuts have been processed; not with us! All of our best primal cuts go into making our whole muscle jerky, giving our consumer the juiciest and flavorful jerky they can imagine!

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