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Stetson Ranches

A true working cattle ranch since 1945, Stetson Ranches brings 75 years of superior cattle breeding expertise to our Black Baldy cattle program. Our cattle have been designed to produce superior frame size to allow for premium muscle development, exceptional temperament, and fattening capabilities to bolster our packaged beef program. Our herd pedigrees contain many of the top herd sires within the Black Angus and Hereford breeds. Sires have been selected based on balanced EPD’s and visual evaluation of structural soundness and eye appeal.

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Black Angus Cows & Hereford Bulls

At Stetson Ranches, we pair our Black Angus cows with our Hereford Bulls for our breeding program. This elite combination produces what we call fancy faced calves, or F1 Baldy calves. This combination of breeding creates a calf that has a higher weight gain at weaning time, which allows us to finish this animal to a proper finishing weight in fewer calendar days than other breeds. Because of this we are able to keep our pricing more affordable for the end buyer and affords us the opportunity to create an all-natural beef option for consumers, from pasture to their plates. We calve out in the fall which allows us to have our beef available directly to consumers by the following February (18 months approximately after conception). The remaining calves we have after our boxed beef supply is met are sold on consignment.

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Ranch Raised

Driving profit and production without jeopardizing welfare requires optimal use of natural resources, medicines, technologies and research. Knowing where livestock are born, how they are raised, what they are fed and how they are slaughtered have extensive implications in production, packaging and marketing of beef – each play a role on the consumer’s bottom line. At Stetson Ranches, we believe that consumers should have a say in the protein they purchase for their families. The Stetson family cares for all of their livestock themselves, from conception to slaughter, therefore when you purchase Stetson Ranches beef, not only are you getting Prime every time, you’re also participating in the most ethical form of ranching possible. Every facet of our operations is conducted with the utmost integrity, which we pass on to our customers.

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Packaged Beef

We blend our purebred certified Black Angus cows with our purebred Hereford bulls to create offspring known as “F1 Black Baldies”. From conception to finish, it takes our family 540 days of intense care and effort to bring out cattle from our ranch to your dinner plate. Our cattle for slaughter spend the first 6 months of their lives outside and on our pastures with their mamma’s until weaning. They have ample room to roam with plenty of high-quality native grasses in the summer months to graze and are pasture fed quality mountain grass hay that we raise ourselves. These cattle have access to fresh spring water in the summer months and well water in the winter. We hand select the calves we choose to be in our packaged beef program from our main cattle herds.